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The Passion for the Evangelical Leaders in Haiti (PALEH) is a non-profit Evangelical institution whose role is to train, equip, encourage and mentor passionate workers for Jesus Christ. We support Christian ministries that lack theological and academic training in developing the necessary skillsets for Ministry. The program is called Ministè Dèyè Mòn (Behind Mountains Ministries). 



PALEH’s training strategies are based on conferences/seminars, training workshops, distribution of literature to key rural evangelical leaders, and media programs (like radio, TV, internet presentation). The training also includes literacy for those who do not know how to read and write. 


theological training

The training programs of Ministè Dèyè Mòn cover at least 144 hours of biblical and theological training over a two-year period (an average of four sessions a year). PALEH also provides other training programs for deacons and youth as needed and on-demand through other specialized agencies. Community and economic development training is also provided by PALEH. 

distribution of evangelical literature

To strengthen the capacity of the leaders and their ministries in their churches and communities, we distribute books and other literature for personal development at all levels. A pastoral care program is available for leaders to provide advice for all aspects of life. Occasionally, in collaboration with “Clinic Medical 31”, PALEH helps partners to conduct a mobile clinic in their community.


literacy and

social justice

The literacy program is designed to provide literacy skills for leaders and others from the Church or community. The materials used are from the Haitian Bible Society and the International Bible League of Haiti. We also work to ensure equity, fairness and justice in the communities where we are involve. 


The 'Media' aspect of PALEH is about preparing educational and evangelism programs for adults, young people and children to be broadcast on any possible media platform (television, radio, internet, smartphone, etc.).


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You can donate via bank transfer.

Bank: BNC

Acount Name: PALEH

Account Number: 294 0000 970


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